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July 23, 2011 / Anthony Morgan

How to Make Money Surfing The Internet

Money Surfing Online

Getting paid to surf the internet is how thousands make money online without much effort.  Making money surfing doesn’t require any investment beyond the time you already spend online.

The challenge is people tend to believe getting paid to view advertising is bad. I’d agree, if a company is paying you to view ads while the advertiser is unaware of incentive, the relationship is a scam. Incentive traffic is less likely to convert to a sale, so it’s not very valuable to most advertisers.

Why Make Money Surfing The Internet Works

  • It’s Easy
  • Safe
  • You get paid
  • Make Money While You Surf
  • Ads are unobtrusive

To Learn How To Make Money Surfing The Internet

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Make Money Surfing The Web

May 19, 2011 / Anthony Morgan

Powerful PPC Marketing Tips To Help Drive Swarms of Traffic To Your Site

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PPC Marketing Drives Traffic from Search Engines To YOU!

For this post, let’s assume you have already done your keyword research, have your website optimized but you have less than 10 visitors a week at your site. (To learn more about researching your niche market, please visit keyword research tool in related topics selection). You are now ready for pay per click powerful traffic generating success.

Having done your keyword research like a good online marketer, you now need customers to visit your web page and purchase products and services.

Having figured out how to drive traffic to your site by SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you’ll need to boost your traffic to see significant increase in profits. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) involves SEO but it doesn’t stop there. This is a fatal mistakes most online businesses make: they stop after building a website and having it optimized for relevant keyword phases.

Pay Per Click SuccessThe Next Step In Making Money Online

Let’s consider what you would do to make money offline, at a store front on Main Street USA.

  • Decide on product and service to sell
  • Research your customer base
  • Obtain a store front to sell your product and service
  • Promote in local newspapers
  • Promote with fliers in doors
  • Promote on media
  • Promote with press release
  • Promote with special offers
  • Promote with posters in your window

You see that promotion is a very necessary step in getting people into a brick and mortar store front. It is even more necessary with your online business.

Site PromotionSite Promotion Using Pay Per Click Advertising

Promoting your site with PPC marketing is very simple but it can be very dangerous (cost-wise)  if you don’t follow a few safe guards.

In pay per click, the search engine (Google) will place your ad on their search result page for all the keywords of your choice. The position of your ad depends on your bid for a specific keyword. In short, if you are the top bid for your keyword, your ad is placed first on the results page.

How simple is that? You’ll have top position on Google for any keyword of your choice. You’ll benefits from tons of traffic to your site.

Budget For SuccessA few Safe Guards In PPC

  • Set a budget
  • Don’t exceed your budget

Since you will be paying for each click to your site (doesn’t matter if the visitor buys or not), you will need to budget yourself. It can be a very exciting process of keyword bidding. It can even be a bit addictive. It’s like many of the activities online. You can drain your pockets and time in pay per click marketing, so be aware, set a budget and stick to it!

PPC Marketing Tips

  1. Test Your Landing Page
  2. Test Your Keywords

Your landing page is basically your sales pitch. Using the store front offline example, it’s the atmosphere in your store when you walk in.

So, make sure your landing page is clear, clean, bright and full of exciting news about your product and service. Keep your customer in mind, what they expect should be supplied on your landing page.

An attention grabbing sales pitch is the link to your online success in Pay Per Click Marketing.

Test Your Landing Page

Make 2 or more different landing pages, have your ad linked to both, monitor for a week and see which one converts best. One of the landing pages will have a higher conversion rate than the other. One will sale better, this is the one to keep.

Tweak the landing page to try to improve on the success and test the new version against the last winner. Over a period of time, you’ll develop a very successful advertising campaign without going broke and wasting tons of money and time.

This is called spit-testing and is very important. Don’t set up one ad and let it run for months without testing different landing pages. Chances are your first choose is not the best for your market and customers. If it were that easy, everyone would be making money online today.

Test Your Keywords

Keyword testing is very important, maybe even more important that spit testing your landing pages because you need to find the perfect keyword phrase for your niche market.

You have already done a lot of good, solid research in selecting your keywords. Problem is searchers may change the way they search for your product and service. New buzz words or phrases turn up every day, just check out Twitter or Google Buzz to see what’s trending.

You’ll need to use your research tools for keyword selections. You know, keyword research tools.

Eye Catching AdPPC Marketing Tip #3

  • Create an eye catching ad

You’re probably thinking, hey I already put my ad up, done the spit testing and more keyword research, “What the deal?”

You’ll want to improve your ad company. It is possible to have an ad on the first page of Google that doesn’t get very many clicks. Let’s say the click estimate for your keyword bid is 25 clicks.

Google has given you an estimate of 25 clicks because that is what ads usually receive that are placed on their results page for the keyword you have chosen but you are only getting about 5.

Look at your ad copy. It’s probably lacking attention grabbing headline, call to action or keyword in headline.

It’s all about testing. Making money on line with ppc marketing is more about testing your traffic generating methods than building a better website. You don’t need expert website designers, you need to test your ads, keywords and landing pages.

PPC Marketing Tip #4

  • Stick to your advertising budget!

You should have a budget you are going to stick to no matter what happens. There is only one reason to change your budget: when you start doing very well and can afford it.

Don’t change your budget until you are making money with PPC Marketing. Use these tips help drive swarms of traffic to your site.

August 28, 2009 / Anthony Morgan

Working Too Hard – Review Your Business Goals

Review Your Business Goals
By Anthony Morgan

We work way too hard at get-rich quick schemes. We miss the formula that drives Multi-Level Marketing. The formula behind any successful business for that matter is lost to us. We are on a quest to earn fast money.

We want the rewards of hard work, right now. We are led away from our goal to run a legitimate home business. We want to make money, today!

Clearly defining our niche and niche market, is where we fail. Failure here means doom for our small office, home office success.

Finding your niche is easy if you do 2 things:

  1. Think of an idea that solves a specific problem.
  2. Identify and market only to the specific customer for whom that solution was created.

Ideals that solve specific problems.

Start with a problem. A problem that involves something you like to do, write about, look at, perform, eat, drink, smell, taste or throw. The problem must be related to your desire or passion. Forget about your passion for internet profit. For a moment, consider what I am proposing. The process of finding your niche must involve your passion. You are passionate about your kids. Problem: there is not enough people to listen to you. Build a site about your complaints and praise about children. I am sure there are many people out there that would leave comments and suggestions. They may even follow any recommendations you have to fix their kids. They may purchase an e-book, a tracking device or a cell phone for their kids. Could this site make profits? Would you be happy to update the content and do all the house keeping chores associated with the upkeep? Would this site keep you involved?

Identify your customer

Profile your customer down to age, gender, salary, and interests. What age do people have children? Do I want to target my solution to people under 25? Over 40? How about sex? Do men complain more than women about their kids? Will people making less than $40,000 purchase the products I recommend? What interest will my visitors have? Yoga, boating, flying kites or maybe teaching or learning new things? It is very important to understand that profiling is an on going process. Your customers will change over time because this is the nature of the internet. You will get better at it over time.

Market to your profile

Once you are able to market a specific solution to a specific customer profile, you can not and will not fail. Market to the profile and market often and over and over, again and again. Aim your ads at the profile. Do not be tempted by the mass mailing appeal of thousands of visitors for $1.00. Get-rich schemes are killing your business goals. They do not work. They will never work.

Do you need help?

Do not try to do everything yourself. Everybody is not good at writing sales copy and content. Learn what you need to know. There are hundreds of places to learn how to write content and copy. Do not pay a penny for this information. It is free. Most of us have already wasted hundreds of dollars trying to figure out how to write, we could have outsourced the work for a fraction of the money we lost. Do not worry about what we have lost. We are here to gain knowledge and our experiences have added to our knowledge.


The formula that drives profitable sites are identified by their ability to solve a specific problem within a niche market. Their success does not depend on using the latest fad to get massive traffic overnight. Their success is tied to the content of the site and the people they target. Build unique content with a solution to a specific problem. Profile your target. Market to that profile.

Everything you need to know to be successful is within your reach.

To Your Success,

Internet Writing Master Course

Passion — For small or home offices, startups, and newbies

The High-Earning Affiliate.  Is it a myth?

Article Working Too Hard Review Your Business Goals

August 26, 2009 / Anthony Morgan

Home Based Business

Home Based Business – Overview
By Anthony Morgan

The struggle for success

The struggle for success

The perfect online business search begins in you. The money and time you have wasted are gone. If you are anything like me, you spent countless hours and hundreds of dollars chasing the get-rich opportunity schemes, dressed up as business. Network marketing works! There are thousands of people making legitimate 6 figure incomes. What is the ‘system’? How do they do it?

Concept. One site concept is all you need to start. This is why the search begins in you. It’s your business. What do you want it to say? This is probably the most difficult task in making money on line today. It’s hard to build a business around you. But give it a try. Choose something you like. A concept you are willing to invent time in.

This is the power that drives the Internet. Do what you like. Your blog, your space, your e-zine, your website, your concept. Millions are made by people that do what they like to do. Do what you like, first. Make money on line at the same time. Start with listing your interests. Define what you know about. Consider if you are willing to write for hours about your interest. If you are, you may have your concept.

Try it! Once you have finished with this article… find a quiet place with pen and paper and write about your interest. Write about your interest for more than 20 minutes, you will make money with a website built around your interest. It will take work. Do not worry about the work. Hosting, web design, traffic and lead generation. These tools are plentiful. You can get them anywhere. You write only about what you know and like.

Can you talk for hours about your business? Even if it’s not making money. Your business may not make money at times. Will you still take care of it? Do the ‘house keeping’ chores associate with it. Or will you drop it and look for something new? Find what you like. And do it. One site, one concept. Look at the big boys. They have one concept. Over time they expand on that concept. They do one thing.

Try it. Write about what interests you. Build your business around your interest.

Passion — For small or home offices, start-ups, and newbies

The High-Earning Affiliate. Is it a myth?

Article Source:—Can-We-Talk?&id=914037

August 20, 2009 / Anthony Morgan

Misconceptions get in the way of Web success –

Stay Focused

Stay Focused

Misconceptions get in the way of Web success –

All website designers are not created equal.

August 15, 2009 / Anthony Morgan

Sitemap: Get Seen By Search Engines

Sitemaps Point The Way to Good SEO

Sitemaps Point The Way to Good SEO

How to Create a Site Map

By Anthony Morgan

  1. What is a site map?
  2. What is a site index?
  3. Creating the map.
  4. Make one for your site.

After reading this article, you will have a basic understanding of principles associated with site indexing and indexing your site content. You will be able to create a map on your own that is within the standards of Google.


There are two types of site maps: the content index and the search engine index defined as the Sitemap with an uppercase “S”.

This article is concerned with the search engine. We want to tell the spiders and crawlers how to read our site.

Site Index

The content index is a document that lists content for visitors to your site. A link is displayed on your web pages that will take your visitor to this index and displays a listing of your site content. Some people call this a “sitemap” but it’s really a part of the navigational menu, an extra page on the site.

Map Creation.

HTML tags communicate the important structural information about your site. The information is summarized using tags and makes it easy for the spiders and crawlers to digest.


To make sure that your entire site is indexed, the xhtml Sitemap document is necessary.

You probably thinking, “What the heck?”.

But, don’t worry. You can do it. Here is the help you need. It’s free and quick, 4 steps and a little house keeping at your hosting company.

See XML-sitemaps for detailed and free instructions.

Make me a Sitemap.

The quickest way to create a Sitemap is to use a text editor such as Notepad.

  1. Open a new text document.
  2. Type the full URL address (including “http://www.”) of your index page.
  3. Type the full URL of each page you want indexed, each on a separate line.
  4. Save the file as “sitemap” with the “txt” or text-only extension.
  5. Upload this file to your root directory.

This is how to create a sitemap for your site promotion.

Do you want to learn more about how to promote? I have a totally free, no-strings attached course.

Download it free here: Promoting your site

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Article Source: EzineArticles Expert

August 4, 2009 / Anthony Morgan

Stay In Business

Stay in Business – 3 Tips to Success
By Anthony Morgan

  1. Attracting customers for your small business.
  2. Learn to market your business.
  3. Stay in Business.

Attracting customers for your small business

Many experts talk about a traffic system and getting visitors to your site, the ideal of search engine optimization or using a traffic generating plan all try to achieve the same goal:

Get More Targeted Visitors and Convert them to Clients.

Let’s learn how marketing and getting more customers really works

Your product works, has an affordable price, it will work for anyone , it’s necessary and easy to use. These five strengths are also your top five objections to using your service or product.

Build a compelling marketing message built around the benefits of your product or service. Keep in mind the negative, emotional objections that we all have to spending money.

How do I know this product will work?
Is it the best price?
Will it work for me? In my situation?
I can wait. My situation is not that bad.
Can I use it on my own? Will I have to master a whole new set of procedures?

Stay in Business

By overcoming these objections…

  1. Write a short paragraph that satisfies each objection.
  2. Use them in your marketing.
  3. Practice reciting the information you developed.

These three tips will benefit your business now. As a small business owner, you will be prepared to answer the majority of customer objections. Being prepared is professional.

Think about it: when you shop, you expect the sales person to be able to answer your concerns with a level of confidence. Once you are convinced she understands your needs and is knowledgeable, you purchase.

There is nothing worse for me than having a salesman trying to sale me on a product. He avoids answering questions directly and doesn’t understand my needs. I’ll walk out and go next door.

Stay in business by attracting customers to your small business, convert more visitors to clients by building a marketing message that speaks to the customer’s needs.

Do you want to learn more about how to promote? I have a totally free, no-strings attached course.

Download it free here:

Do you want to learn how to get more customers? Click here:

Anthony Morgan is an online marketeer and direct sales affiliate. He is passionate about supplying entrepreneurs with systems and products that are effective in building personal success.

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July 11, 2009 / Anthony Morgan

Search Engine Optimization Two Step Start

Title and description META tags information are displayed on search engine result pages and are the best place to start a meaningful optimization process.

Title are critical

Each page onj your website requires an unique title. Duplicating the same title for all your pages will cause your conversion rate to fall due to lack of confidence.  Searchers will be concerned about your professionalism. They will wonder if you are a serious professional or just a fly by night slam. One of a thousand MLM affiliates trying to make a quick buck.

Descriptions are important

Descriptions should be unque and include a call to action. This simple tip will increase your clickthru rate. Increasing the number of searchers that click onto your result display gives you more chances to present your offer in detail.

We’ll look at more specific tips on the next post.


Search engines use the Title and Description META tags in search results. Microsoft’s latest branded search engine use these tags specifically on their result pages. Title and description are the necessary start to any search optimization.

I would like to hear from you. Please present your comments.

July 4, 2009 / Anthony Morgan

Welcome to Your Website Blog

Door to SuccessWebsite Promotion

Website promotion includes a bunch of techniques and phases of getting your business online and making money.

I would like to hear your comments on what is web promotion.

Here are my thoughts:

There is web design, marketing, advertising, and a host of other elements.

For the sake of this article, let’s say you have your key elements:

  1. Domain name registered.
  2. Website Host.
  3. Content.
  4. Design.

What you don’t have is traffic or not enough. The point of web promotion is to get your site seen.

Just like in the real world, promotion is a part of advertising and marketing.

Some times you promote your company by attending events and socializing You try to make friends with the movers or at least be seen as part of their environment.

You make it a point to be friendly with the people that can direct business in your direction

Search Engine Optimization

This brings us to getting listed on search engines. This is and will always be the purpose of optimizing your web pages.

You promote on search engine results pages.

The SE is the entity or person that can direct business to you.  Get friendly with her.


There are formulas for detecting keyword stuffing, link farming and other Black Hat tactics. These tactics are no longer effective.

The engines have been forced to come up with more and more complex algorithms to stop result page spamming.

Just like your inbox, the result pages on a search are often clustered with unrelated content.

Of course it takes the form of website pages getting placement on your result page.

Have you searched for something on line and found unrelated sites on the results
You search for a recipe for French toast and the top results are restaurants in France or a deal for international airline travel.

The search engines do not want SPAM. They want only recipe sites to appear or pages that contain recipes for the breakfast meal, French toast.

Site Rank

Ranking sites are based on hundreds of criteria but the most influential are:

  1. Content.
  2. META keyword and description.
  3. Title.
  4. Heading.

Our next article will deal with getting ranked on search engines by using the tools above. Web promotion tools are available for free all over the net but understanding how to apply the techniques can be a confusing task.

Keep it simple by applying a thoughtful approach to being compliant with search engine rules and web promotion will become second nature.

All comments are welcome. Your help is appreciated.